What to Include in Roommate Agreement

What to Include in Roommate Agreement

When it comes to living with roommates, it`s important to establish guidelines and boundaries from the beginning. This is where a roommate agreement comes in. A roommate agreement is a written agreement between roommates that outlines rules, expectations, and responsibilities to ensure a harmonious living environment. Here are some things that should be included in a roommate agreement:

1. Rent and utilities: Specify how much each roommate will pay for rent and utilities. This includes the split of any additional expenses like cable, internet, or cleaning services.

2. Security deposit: Determine how much the security deposit will be and who will be responsible for it. Also, outline the conditions that must be met for the deposit to be returned.

3. Chores: Assign chores to each roommate and establish a schedule for completing them. This can include cleaning common areas, taking out the trash, and doing dishes.

4. Quiet hours: Establish a time when the apartment or house needs to be quiet. This should be respected by all roommates, especially those with different schedules.

5. Guests: Determine how many guests can visit at one time and how often. Also, establish whether overnight guests are allowed and if so, for how long.

6. Smoking and drinking: If smoking or drinking is allowed in the apartment or house, establish guidelines for responsible behavior.

7. Pets: If roommates have pets, outline the rules around caring for them, including feeding and walking schedules.

8. Resolving conflicts: Establish a protocol for resolving conflicts that may arise between roommates. This can include bringing in a neutral third party, like a mediator, to help resolve disagreements.

A roommate agreement is a great way to set expectations and create a harmonious living environment. By including these key items in your agreement, you`ll have a better chance of avoiding conflicts down the road and maintaining a happy home.

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