About Ashish Pandya

Ashish Pandya (he/him/his), B.E., M.S. is an Ayurveda expert, a certified stress management teacher, telecommunication engineer, a doting husband and a proud father of 2 daughters. Ashish currently serves as a Founding member and Vice President of Education of Shankara Inc., a prominent skincare and wellness Ayurveda inspired company.


Before joining Shankara, Ashish worked as a support engineer for network security company, INET technologies, and managed security and issues in over 10 countries in Europe. He excelled at his work quickly and received the President’s Award in the second year of his work.


Ashish has been working with Shankara for over 21 years and has been successful in establishing the company from a handful of people in a remote town in Colorado to a multinational brand in over 27+ countries. He has played a key role in reviving the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda through his various seminars, trainings and workshops around the world. Having trained over 100,000+ therapists, he is one of the most sought after educator and trainer in the Spa industry today.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ashish founded a copper hydration water bottle company, Copperwell LLC, which uses Ayurvedic principles and has mass market appeal. They contribute towards reducing the world’s water equity crisis by donating copper containers to families that do not have access to pure, clean drinking water.
Ashish is versatile in action and unified in his intention to be of service to the world. He is a leader in the field of personal development and a long-serving faculty teacher for the Art of Living Foundation, he travels across the U.S and around the world leading SKY Breath Meditation programs and wellness workshops that bring greater peace, awareness, and fulfillment to daily life.

About Anuradha Gupta

Anuradha Gupta (she/her/hers) is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Doctor-in-Training (graduating in 2023), YT-200, Engineer and MBA with a corporate background.


Anu is a Faculty Member, Mentor for Ayurvedic Practitioner Students and a Content Specialist at Kerala Ayurveda USA. She has been practicing at her own set-up, Ayurvedic Footprints since 2018. She is a prolific writer and has written many articles about Ayurveda and other subjects close to her heart like sustainability, for Kerala Ayurveda, Art of Living, Sri Sri Tattva, and Art of Living Retreat Center. She has also written a book on environmental issues for teens in India called the “Green Dragon”, and stories for the “Chicken Soup Series.”


Anu’s great grandmother was an Ayurvedic Vaidya and continued practice to provide care to people in need in her village despite a colonial ban; Anu is greatly inspired at the prospect of reviving that lineage!


Anu worked for over ten years in the corporate field in companies like Unilever and taught in business school. Ayurveda and meditation benefited her own life greatly; she wants to give back to the community and now enjoys the study, practice and teaching of Ayurveda and bringing its principles to people. Service is her calling and she volunteers with many organizations including Art of Living, Project Welcome Home Troops, WWF and BSA. She was a member of NAMA’s DEI committee for a year, works passionately for social justice causes and is on the Board of her local PFLAG Chapter.

Anu lives in California with her husband, has two children she dotes on and lovely cats. Anu hopes to leave the world a better, more kind place than she found it through the practice of Ayurveda and allied Vedic sciences.